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About the Alliance

ASWA’s is the Pan African Alliance of sex worker led groups.

Our Mission :
is to strengthen the voices, to empower and to advocate for and advance the Health and Human rights of Female, male and transgender sex workers including those living with HIV and using drugs through networking, movement building, and the development of partnerships.

Our Vision :
ASWA’s Vision is to see a world where sex work is recognized as work in Africa, and where the health and human rights of all sex workers living and working in Africa are protected!

Our Core Values :
ASWA is guided by the following core values and principles:

• Commitment to the rights of all sex workers, including female, male, transgender including those living with HIV and using drugs.
• Transparency and accountability to our members
• Involvement of sex workers living with HIV
• Professionalism
• Solidarity and unity
• Love, Respect and Passion
• Equality and Diversity
• Reliability

ASWA employs the following strategies in the undertaking of it work both regionally and Internationally:
• Partnership development
• Capacity building
• Advocacy
• Communication
• Resource mobilization

Our 3 Strategic Goals for the next 3 Year are :

1. Registering as an independent sex worker-led Pan African organization.
2 . Strengthening the voices of all African sex workers at national, regional and global levels.
3. Defending the human rights of sex workers and to advocate for the health and well being of all sex workers living or working in Africa.