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ASWA Board and Staff Retreat at La Mada Hotel 14th -16th July 2014

Back Left To Right – Solomon Wambua (UHAI –EASHRI), John Beku- The Hub, Sally Shackleton –SWEAT, Daughtie Ogutu –ASWA Regional Coordinator , Judy Khanyonza The Hub) Stephen Ojiambo (Rapporteur The Hub)
Front Right to left – Jessica Kilonzo (OD Consultant –OSIEA ) Peninah Mwangi –ASWA Board Chair and Director at Bar hostess Program, Beyonce Karungi – ASWA Board Member and Director of Transgender Equality Uganda , (TEU) and George Onyango Onyina- ASWA Administration Officer

Statement from the African Sex Worker Alliance (ASWA) Board on the occasion of its Second Board Meeting 16 July 2014, in Nairobi Kenya

The African Sex Worker Alliance (ASWA) is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed its first Board and staff Retreat and second board meeting for 2014.

The Retreat was attended by board members: Beyonce Karungi (Uganda); Allan Maleche (Kenya); Peninah Mwangi (Kenya), ASWA staff members Daughtie Ogutu and George Onyina and representatives of supporting organisations from the Open Society Foundation, UHAI EASHRI ; The International Aids Alliance (IHAA) and SWEAT. (Board member Hakima Abbas gave her apologies, but send her contributions to deliberations)

International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers

12/17/2013 00:59

ASWA will support 10 African Countries will host public action activities to commemorate the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

ICASA - ASWA Pre Conference

12/05/2013 08:00
12/06/2013 16:00

ASWA announces scholarship for sex workers to attend ICASA -Cape Town 7th -11th Dec 2013

To ensure that the voices and presence of sex workers are heard and felt during the 17th ICASA conference ASWA through the support of UNFPA and the Global Network of Sex Workers Projects (NSWP) has launched a scholarship program that will support 20 sex workers from different parts of the continent to attend the 17th ICASA Conference taking place on 7th -11th December at the CITCC in Cape Town, South Africa .

ASWA will support travel, accommodation, meals and DSA allowance of 20 sex workers, based in the following countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Cameroon, Mali, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Ethiopia, Nigeria including South Africa.

ASWA statement to the United Nations protests against Decriminalization

24th September 2013

We the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA), a sex worker-led organization run by and for sex workers in Africa, stand firmly against the radical move by former sex workers and campaigners in the Global North to protest against the decriminalization of sex workers, including third parties such as our partners, employees, and clients.

While we condemn trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and vulnerable women and other populations, we are firm in our position the sex work is work, and is engaged by consenting adults, and the decriminalization of sex work and sex workers.

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